Terms and Conditions

Confirmation & Deposit

You are requested to confirm your booking in writing. We request a deposit of 10% of the estimated function price, at the time of the booking, unless otherwise agreed with us.

Guaranteed Numbers

A guaranteed minimum number of guests attending the function is requested seven working days prior to the event, or as otherwise advised. Charges will be based on the number of people attending the function or the guaranteed number, whichever is greater.


Cancellation of a function by you must be advised in writing. If the function is cancelled with less than 14 days notice, deposits may be retained in lieu of costs incurred.

Menu Selection

Please confirm your menu selection at least 14 days prior to the event, or as otherwise advised.

Insurance and Damages

We cannot take responsibility for damage to or loss of items before, during and after a function, and recommend that you arrange appropriate insurance cover.

Please note, you are financially responsible for any damage sustained to The Spicy Affair’s property and fittings during the function. No attachments are to be used on the walls without prior arrangement with us.

Extended Hours/timing

The duration of a function is six hours. An additional labour charge may apply if your event continues after the agreed completion time.


All Function accounts to be paid in full by the date specified by us. Any additional charges to be paid for at the conclusion of the event, which will include charges not authorized in the original contract.