Lunch Special

Lunch Special

Visit our Restaurant Spicy Affair Restaurant Melbourne for Lunch Special !!!

Taste that you can’t resist!

Food is just not for what you live, but quality food is what you live for and that’s the thing where you want to have it and how you want to have it. Different people have a different choice of foods and taste. Some love Spicy while some love delightful desserts, but there are ones who definitely just want the delicious cuisines of their own culture and tradition. But the problem is how you can get those mouthwatering dishes and tasty cuisines for Lunch when you live in a foreign country?

Living in Australia and craving for the spicy Indian foods in lunch which you grow up eating is can obviously upset you. But not anymore because now you can get those delicious, homemade taste like cuisines from Spicy Affair restaurant any time you want. Indian foods are lavish and most extraordinary delicious cuisines all over the world. Not only locals but people all over the world love to have Indian food because the impeccable spices and the taste of the food. So when you roam around in Melbourne you must try the delicious Lunch Special in South Melbourne at Spicy Affair Restaurant, which is the right place and a dream come true for spicy food lovers.

The best of Indian foods are right there to have a beautiful dine in with your friends, family, and gatherings. It’s just not a restaurant، but the elegant and traditional décor of Indian Traditions make you feel like you are part of Incredible India. Not only has that but the background music of Indian culture made your Lunch Special in Melbourne.

Spicial Dishes For Lunch in Melbourne

Indian foods are just top of all other cuisines. While eating lunch in South Melbourne you can feel the traditional taste in the variety of dishes which we serve.

Our specialty begins with our Chef´s signature dishes which are certainly to die for, irresistible craving for love for food begins with our Dum Biryani which is a combo of selected veggies and marinated chicken with Indian spices with rice to make it a dish you munch it in your everyday meal. We serve the Dum Biryani in completely a unique standard that once you taste, you won’t ever regret.

The Second dish among our signature dishes for Lunch in Melbourne is the traditional Mughlai Paneer and chicken. This dish holds a great taste since the Mughal times in the sub-continent and here at Spicy Affair. we give you each and every bud of the same delicious taste which has existed for centuries. It’s made with marinated chicken with cheese and spicy curry to have the best taste you dream about.

The third signature dish is the Specialty of chili Chicken especially for the spice lovers cooked in different flavors and veggies making a pure spice bomb.

Other Than Lunch

Why worrying around for simple food when you have one place for all to cherish with family, friends. And not only for lunch special In South Melbourne but also the best place where you can have the most entertaining nightlife experience and the best hospitality service among all. So visit, eat and feel the real tradition of Indian lifestyle, we are what you can’t imagine!