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page2-img1Spicy Affair Bar & Restaurant are renowned for their great quality food and creative cuisine, but most of all for choice.

From casual family friendly dining and signature restaurants to chill-out bar and night life entertainment restaurant offers an unmatched array of unique food & beverage.

Spicy Affair Bar & Restaurant has a lot going for it – elegant, modern as well as traditional decor with warm welcoming hues, efficient and friendly service and tasteful background music.

And what of the food? It sings. The kebabs, in particular, are guaranteed palate pleasers – the tenderest cuts of meat, roasted and grilled to as close to perfection as you’ll likely taste in the city. The food isn’t exactly cheap but definitely worth every Doller. If the weather isnt bordering , we’d recommend booking a table outside.

From our unique approach to service to our dining options we believe in the concept that our guests deserve a personalised gastronomic experience. Discover fine dining and we believe that our Spicy Affair Bar & Restaurant will be the best restaurant south melbourne restaurants now.

At Spicy Affair Restaurant we offer you with

  • Delicious catering for all traditional cuisines
  • Menu planning
  • Tandoor(clay oven) services at parties or deliver at your doorstep
  • All kinds of orders
  • Specialist for Indian Food

We will make a perfect menu for your guests and we assure you for the taste. Design, Decoration and presentation all three are checked and done well for the party. For yummy delicious Indian Cuisines! Make orders from us. Contact us for more information and guidance.

Why Choose Spicy Affair Restaurant Services?

when it comes to tandoor flavor for your party theme then Spicy Affair Restaurant Services in Melbourne would be the best option for you to choose from. Do you have a theme party? Are you looking for all that spicy traditional taste of Tandoor(clay oven service) then get ready with traditional wear this time and make you guest happy with mouth watering, spicy, delicious tandoor services

Check out our menu for the food items and remember to make sure you ask if you have any query of what to select for party and how to arrange, etc. You just don’t worry, Spicy Affair Restaurant takes care of arranging your complete event from start to end without affecting or troubling in anyway.

There are lot many options for catering services in the market but choose the one whose taste of food and quality makes you feel good about everything. Find out what Spicy Affair Restaurant has to offer you with:-

  • Spice in the taste is their main area where best tandoor items are made and delivered.
  • Specialists in traditional Indian cuisines.
  • Timely delivery at your doorstep
  • We arrange all kinds of occasions like Birthday Party, Weddings, Business events, etc
  • We help you with menu planning and arrange the whole event from start to end taking care of your guest.
  • We make sure of food - well with taste as needed by the client for their guest, we treat guest with our services and serve them food from our expert workers.
  • We take care of all arrangements with food from presentation to servings, from start to end of the event.

Listen to over clients of what they say for our services - Visit Testimonials for the same. Get your menu planned today for your next party. Don’t get confused with many options, simply contact us and we will make it happen a big bash party.

Customer say

  • Testimonial 1

    Testimonial 1

    The nourishment was incredible and was valued by everyone. With 250+ individuals going to the occasion, various individuals requested the sustenance's wellspring. We plainly said Spicy Affair Restaurant; expect some future requests from these individuals.

    The sustenance had flawless taste and enjoyed by everybody around. The bundling and the general conveyance was extremely all around oversaw.

    Anticipating have you cook a greater amount of our occasions in future.

  • Testimonial 2

    Testimonial 2

    We as of late held a huge retirement capacity for more than 150 individuals and the coordinator had an exceptionally set picture in his brain of how he needed the nourishment to function. Working with Spicy Affair Restaurant was an outright joy.

    I was circling throughout the night however I wasn't stressed over the sustenance at all as you obviously had it all under control. Your understanding and demonstrable skill has made working with you so natural and I wouldn't waver to utilize Spicy Affair Restaurant for any future occasions that we hold.

  • Testimonial 3

    Testimonial 3

    Spicy Affair Restaurant gives crisp home cooked and tasty sustenance at a short notice. Whether we require sustenance for a gathering or only for us 2 at home, Spicy Affair Restaurant is plainly the best decision accessible in Basing stir.

    I should likewise include that her flavors are additionally valid and curries have credible local flavors; her Non-Veg sustenance is in the same class as the Punjabi nourishment she cooks.

    I would joyfully prescribe Spicy Affair Restaurant to my companions.

Our mission

Our vision is what we see and our mission is what we implement it for you. We would love to develop new forms and variations in food & taste. We would give you mix and match from all around the traditional taste. Try us and get the lip smacking traditional non veg tandoor dishes on your doorstep on any occasion.

Our vision

At Spicy Affair Restaurant, our vision is to create new varieties and develop new taste and make people try our new variations with twisted taste. To develop new taste and understand the actual kind of food people like while partying. What exactly they would prefer for their guests and how they would want us to help them. We try to be more presentable and coordinate with them to achieve the superb food from the people as compliments.